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  • Gann Forecaster

    Secret Price / Time Calculators of W. D. Gann's theory,  including Gann Square, Gann Wheel and Gann Hexagon



  • Time Trader Professional

    Advanced market timing charting software (combined with Gann Forecaster) for traders to undergo advanced time and price forecasts and make quick trading decisions in stock, futures and forex markets.  Time Trader Pro includes the following functions for Gann, Elliott and Fibonacci traders:

    Vibration - Time and price ratio analysis based on Gann theory, Fibonacci and geometric theories to calculate market support and resistance levels both in prices and time.

    Cycles – Cycle analysis based on Gann’s price and time cycle theories. It also includes Elliott, Fibonacci and geometric cycle analytical tools.

    Trends - Gann Angles, Gann Fans and Gann Lines cross-over techniques to forecast stock futures and forex market trends and reversals well in advance.

    Time / Price Square - Gann style time / price square projection techniques allow users using high, low and  price range to project future market reversal days.

    Numerological techniques – Gann’s proprietary methods in market forecasting, using Gann Square, Gann Wheel and Gann Hexagon for market timing / price projection.


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